Negative Experiences and Thought Patterns will Hinder Development of New Skills

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( — October 19, 2015) Steyning, West Sussex — In his latest Leadership Traq article, Mick Ukleja reveals the true extent to which a human’s own perception of themselves may hinder their journey to success, happiness and wealth. “Successful living is enhanced, in large measure, by having a powerful vision of the future,” he explains, before continuing to describe how scars of past experiences may cloud one’s vision of the future entirely, giving them little reason to experience new things, or develop new skills.

“But as we age,” Mick continues, “we begin to lose our natural ability to learn new skills. We develop viruses in our thinking based on past experiences that impact our abilities and lower our expectations.” Mick outlines the correlative relationship between success and positivism by drawing comparisons between the life of a toddler and the life of an adult hindered by negativity: “If babies doubted they could ever walk, most of them wouldn’t have,” he suggests, before revealing that the only path to happiness and development is to destroy the virus of negativity taking control of your thoughts. 

Author of the hugely successful “A Bug Free Mind” self-development program, Andy Shaw, has agreed with Mick. Official spokesman Peter Helm quoted Mr Shaw in a recent press conference, saying: “Bugs in the mind can hinder development, progress and determination, and can wear a once happy person down to just a shell of themselves. It’s easy to succumb to negative thoughts, and I’m sure most of us can relate to the battle with such thoughts as, ‘the last time you tried this, it didn’t work, so why try again?’ With a bit of positive thinking, you can easily overcome this negativity and push through to achieve the life that you’ve always dreamed of.”

Andy Shaw’s self-development program works to retrain a mind in order to erase negativity completely. Shaw continued to say: “Simple habits such as seeing the glass half full instead of half empty, and removing negativity from your mind can have such a forceful impact on every aspect of your life. Short, simple positive exercises will drain your bran of negativity and refill it with the positivism you need to succeed in life.”

Critically acclaimed in over 130 countries nationwide, Andy Shaw’s first five chapters are available to download for free from his website,, where 100s of accredited reviews can also be seen backing the self development system known as “A Bug Free Mind”.


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