Research Shows That Unclean Toys Might Present Unwanted Health Risks In Homes

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( — October 19, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — Nevada-based Freddie and Sebbie adds another 4.9 star rated product to their ranks of baby devices, as more and more positive evaluations flood in every day.


Teddy follows child everywhere he or she goes – whether that be a trip to nursery or a picnic in the park, some children can be more attached to their preferred bear than their older brothers or sisters. However, a recent report in the Daily Mail has actually exposed the true extent of the prospective dangers of a child’s preferred toy, revealing that 1 in 4 toys contain bacteria relating to fecal matter, and that 3 from 4 toys are not washed effectively after a bout of illness.


Whilst Daily Mail readers are ferociously split down the middle of the ‘it’s a health threat’ vs. ‘it develops immunity’ dispute, this short article highlights the importance of health and safety in the children’s bedroom.


On the subject of health and safety in the home, Neil Speight, co-director of family brand Freddie and Sebbie, said: “Though parents do look after kids in every way possible, it’s also easy to ignore certain health and safety threats in the house in some cases. When your child is ill and all he wants is his teddy, for example, it’s not always easy to explain to him that teddy needs to leave for a day to be washed and dried for the sake of his health. At Freddie and Sebbie, we try to care for this type of thing, so parents can invest quality time with their kids without having to fret about a thing. We specifically select easy-to-care-for materials for all of our kids’ accessories, and we rigorously check that every single one of our products if checked to be BPA, Lead and Phthalate free. That’s a load off any parent’s mind!”


Whilst most of their children’s accessory range is developed to make any mom and dad’s life easier, their Jumbo Toy Hammock is designed to give youngsters a sense of responsibility in their own spaces. Neil added: “Due to the fact that this is primarily a product that would be used by children more than parents, we made sure that this product in particular was especially kid-proof. With two years of use by my own children, I can completely agree with the hundreds of parents who have left of 4 and 5 star reviews on our Amazon Marketplace store, that this is one of the safest and most dependable kids’ toy hammocks on the market today.”


More product details in addition to scores of toy hammock reviews can be found alongside Freddie and Sebbie’s entire product range on their Amazon shop, with extra images seen on their site at


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