Smile! BuzzyBooth takes photo booth to the next level.

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( — October 19, 2015) San Francisco, CA — The traditional photo booth created photos and memories.  The new BuzzyBooth puts that concept on steroids and offers a marketing buzzsaw.

First developed as a side business to help Jolina Li pay for her University of Connecticut tuition and to offer a completely new way to promote her family’s restaurants, BuzzyBooth evolved into something larger in our digital age. BuzzyBooth gets customers to smile and share their image and the client’s business message via instant sharing with their friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The BuzzyBooth includes an open air design to accommodate up to 15 people.  Customized graphics in the booth’s background provide a highly visible branding message for the client’s booth location.

The concept is as easy as shouting “cheese”!  Guests simply click on the button to snap the photo, after photo is taken, they click the button to proceed with sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email. They just enter the login credentials for the sharing platform they choose, and it will be automatically posted on their social media accounts for all of their friends to see.  The photo booth is completely digital. There is no printing, thus users share on their social media platforms.  The photo opportunity is free to guests and the BuzzyBooth is either rented or purchased by the client business.

To date, BuzzyBooth has been brought grins to orthodontic offices, optometrists, bars, schools, hair salons, beauty salons, soccer tournaments, tour groups, hotels, clothing brand launches, radio stations, Broadway shows, hotels, even big brands such as HBO, Planet Beauty, NYU, Orange Theory Gym, etc.

“What could be more fun than photo bombing and sharing those photos with friends,” noted founder of BuzzyBooth Jolina Li.  She added, “Clients have also been delighted with the reach and visibility explosion that BuzzyBooth has created for them.  BuzzyBooth offers a number of tangible benefits to the client location including effective brand advertising, displaying the business location, listing the website for more information and action steps, promoting deals, tagging friends to reach a wider audience, creating engagement and showing customers having fun.”

BuzzyBooth can be up and snapping in 10 minutes. The hardware and software kit comes with a simple instructional set up video and is an easy turnkey process.

The company has on staff developers, graphic designers, software engineers and production managers.

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