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( — October 20, 2015) — A consumer information website, designed to help consumers learn more about the employee background screening and personal background check industry, is celebrating 10 years of being online today.
The site provides basic information regarding the topic and business of background screening services. It also voices a few recommendations about which types of services may be best for either business owners and individuals.
Maria DeMars, the website’s editor, noted that this site has always been about helping out individuals who have questions about the private background screening process. She said she believes the visitors to the website are mixed between small business owners who are looking to run their first employee background check and individuals who are interested in learning more about how they can order a background report on someone else.
“We built this website 10 years ago because, at that time, the public records screening business was still pretty new, and a lot of people didn’t know that much about it,” stated DeMars, “And yet, even now, a decade later, many people still don’t know a lot about it and still have questions.”
“Most employers are aware of the positives of conducting public record screenings on their prospective new hires,” continued DeMars, “They’ve seen the benefits of being able to screen out those job candidates who have something in their history that would preclude them from being hired.”
“Most individuals, however, don’t seem to understand the opportunities they have with investigating someone’s public records,” concluded DeMars, “For just a small fee, it’s possible for an individual to gather a lot of good information about someone else. It’s a perfectly legal way to be better informed about someone you are either doing business with or being personally involved with on some other level.”
DeMars mentioned that one of the main benefits of her site is that it breaks down the various background screening services into groups designed to either predominately serve businesses and employers or individuals.
The site tries to make it easier for both individuals and companies to get started with the process.
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