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(Newswire.net — October 20, 2015) Braddon, ACT –The Koundouris Real Estate Group, a highly-regarded building consultation firm in Canberra, frequently supports Australian culture and charities through generous donations, hands-on volunteer work and support for Canberra and Sydney’s top organizations.  This year, the Koundouris Group has become a supporter of the Floriade Cubby House competition in Canberra.

This was the second year for the Cubby House competition, an effort of the group Kids Under Cover to raise money for teens and children battling homelessness.  This challenge brings together members from all aspects of the building industry, from designers to construction workers, to build and decorate unique and creative cubby houses to be placed throughout the gardens of the city and eventually auctioned.  The money raised by the Cubby House competition is used to help homeless children and teens.

The Koundouris Group was a significant sponsor for the 2015 event.  Five cubby houses were auctioned, bringing in tens of thousands of dollars for Kids Under Cover and ensuring that the event was a success.  According to the Koundouris Group, there are plans to make the competition an annual event, with funds from the auctioned cubby houses being used to support local charities.

Just as Canberra and Sydney organizations have benefitted from the charitable efforts of the Koundouris Group, local business have also benefited from the group’s expertise.  Since 1964, the Koundouris Group has not only provided quality construction of architecturally unique, quality commercial buildings, but has also won numerous industry awards for their professional efforts.  The Group has long been recognized as a leader in the construction of luxury apartments, homes, clubs, offices and retail centres.  In addition, the group has been awarded the Australian Structural Engineers Award, HIA Home of the Year and a Green Building Council of Australia 5-Star Green Rating as well as many other awards and certifications.

For more information on the Koundouris Group and the group’s work with local charities, visit http://www.koundouris.com.au/.


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The Koundouris Group, founded in 1964, has received numerous national awards in the designed and building of apartments, luxury apartments, homes, clubs, offices and retail centers. With a hands-on and personalized approach to construction management, the group maintains daily contact with clients on every project. The Koundouris Group also supports many charitable events and activities throughout Canberra.

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