C&H Taxi Presents: the Art Taxi

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(Newswire.net — October 20, 2015) Charleston, WV — The Art Taxi is a one-of-a-kind piece of art work, and it is on the move here in Charleston WV thanks to C&H Taxi, artist Staci M. Leech-Cornell, FestivALL, the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, and Morgantown Printing and Binding.  The Art Taxi, revealed during FestivALL under the Driven by Design project, is a huge hit with the public. Riders are delighted when this rolling work of art shows up to give them a ride.  C&H CEO Jeb Corey has been wanting to implement this project for several years and says FestivALL really stepped up to make it a reality. 


Corey stated “It is an absolutely stunning functional work of art.  It is fun, creative and beautiful.  Staci really did a great job.  I think it truly represents the spirit of FestivALL in which the city becomes a work of art.  It took several months and lots of people who worked really hard to bring this together and I am excited about the final outcome.  We hope to do more in the future, I would love to have a fleet of Art Taxis.”  


The artist Staci M. Leech-Cornell couldn’t agree more and went on to say “Being chosen for this extraordinary opportunity has been a great journey from start to finish. To see the smiles on people’s faces when they tell of when they’ve seen the taxi around town is nice and it brings those smiles and that burst of color to every area it travels to each and every day. That’s a very special project to be a part of and I would love to be part of creating more artful taxis and transportation services in the future.”  It is not just the creators and the people behind the project that are so excited.  The driver and the public are ecstatic about it also.  The art taxi has been entrusted to driver Joe Todd who said “When I am driving the art taxi all eyes are on the cab and me.  People always say there goes that pretty blue cab.  This makes me feel good and I am meeting new people every day and some are not even needing a cab.”


About: C&H is a full service taxi company that has been locally owned and operated since 1981.  Our family was born and raised in Charleston, West Virginia, so our loyalty to the area and the community runs deep.  Our desire to fulfill the needs of the community motivates us daily to push the envelope of the transportation industry for the Kanawha Valley. We never close!  We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays!


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