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(Newswire.net — October 21, 2015) Huntington Beach, California — Dustin Chase-Woods knows what it takes to get down in the trenches and help low-income residents of Philadelphia find the legal assistance they need.  His work at the Medical-Legal-Community Partnership (MLCP), which is a collaborative effort between Philadelphia Legal Assistance and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, consists of providing legal advice and referrals to patients at several Health Centers in the city. This is an excellent way for the up-and-coming student at the University of Pennsylvania Law School to gain valuable experience in the legal profession.  “My work with MLCP is very rewarding,” says Dustin. “With this volunteer opportunity, I am able to work with health staff to improve patients’ physical and legal well-being.”  Volunteer work of this nature helps prepare future lawyers with some of the important advocacy skills they will use in their careers, and also gives back to the communities in which they serve. To learn more about Dustin, visit https://www.linkedin.com/pub/dustin-chase-woods/70/281/711.


Although Dustin’s background is in music, his real passion lies in the legal profession.  At the MLCP, Dustin teams together with Philadelphia Legal Assistance attorneys and staff at the health centers to address social aspects that impact medical care.  Health care providers cannot always address social or economic barriers to effective medical treatment, and the free legal counsel provided by MLCP is a way to bridge the gap in providing sound legal advice for underserved patients. These legal advocates can address issues like evictions, child custody, domestic violence, and loss of benefits, all representing impediments to appropriate healthcare.


Prior to law school, Dustin worked as a business and marketing technologist for a prominent healthcare management consulting firm. As he delved into the world of social media marketing and project management, his interest in helping low-income people secure healthcare grew.  The MLCP volunteer work is a natural fit.  “My background working for a healthcare consultancy and the coursework I’ve completed in law school mesh well,” Dustin adds.  “With MLCP, I know I am doing valuable work for the community and helping to brush up on skills I will use every day as a practicing attorney.” To learn more about Dustin’s background and skills, visit http://freedassociates.pairserver.com/person/dustin-chase-woods/.



About: Dustin Chase-Woods is a law student at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, working toward his Juris Doctorate in 2017. He is originally from Southern California and grew up in the San Fernando Valley. Dustin’s background is in History and Music, both of which he studied at the University of California, Berkeley.  He holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in both disciplines from the school.  Dustin studied orchestral conducting for several years before he became interested in law.  While not studying, Dustin engages in volunteer opportunities to help prepare him for a successful legal career.


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