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( — October 23, 2015) Mt Vernon, Illinois — Safety and performance conscious car and SUV owners who do not have time to leave their vehicles in the shop all day for inspections will be pleased to hear about a new service being offered at Purcell Tire and Service Center in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. The Hunter Quick Check System is capable of inspecting vital vehicle components in only three minutes. Customers are given a printed six-point report that includes suggested repairs. They can sit in the waiting area and watch the entire inspection of their vehicle on a big screen monitor. 

The Hunter Engineering Company created the Quick Check System as a way to quickly do a thorough vehicle inspection. This technology has received numerous awards for the comprehensive inspection that it provides. Purcell Tire and Service Centers understood the innovated equipment would provide a way to increase the speed and efficiency for their customers who visit for vehicle diagnosis services. They hope to enhance their Mt Vernon auto repair services with proper diagnosis of vehicle issues.


“The Hunter Quick Check System offers us another way to provide our Mt Vernon IL tires customers with the latest technology to improve their driving experience,” according to a spokesman for Purcell Tire and Service Center. “Mt. Vernon is only the third of our service centers in the U.S. to be able to offer this unique and worthwhile service to Purcell customers.” Purcell plans on installing four more Hunter Quick Check Systems in 2016 in various Service Centers.


The computerized inspection generates a written report that includes maintenance and safety information about a customer’s car or SUV that includes:
• Brake Performance: The system measures braking force, timing and balance.
• Tires: Tread depth, wear, and tire inflation are checked.
• Wheel Alignment: Alignment angles that can affect the life of a vehicle’s tires and driving safety are measured against vehicle manufacturer specifications.
• Battery: The health of a vehicle’s battery is checked against manufacturer standards to verify its capacity.
• Diagnostic check: By connecting directly to the on-board diagnostic system of the vehicle it is testing, the system retrieves key performance information.

The written report that customers receive includes written recommendations for maintenance and repairs along with graphs and vehicle photographs. The end result is a clear, easily understood report of a vehicle’s engine diagnostics Mt Vernon customers will appreciate. Car and SUV owners with questions or concerns about the contents of the written diagnostic report may discuss them with a technician on site.


For a limited time, the Mt Vernon Purcell Service Center will be offering a complementary inspection from the Hunter Quick Check System. Visit the Mt Vernon Purcell Tire and Service Center, go to their website at or call 618-242-4280 for further details on this available service.

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