Bitcoin Takes on a Scary New Look for Halloween

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( — October 26, 2015) — As Bitcoin (BCOIN) grows in acceptance and use among online merchants, one Halloween costume and mask site Halloween Nation has decided to accept bitcoin over credit cards this Halloween.


This is a bit of a bold move for, placing cryptocurrency over traditional credit cards. While businesses such as Amazon, Ebay, Paypal, Target, CVS, Subway, Overstock, WordPress and even Victoria’s Secret accept bitcoin, along with thousands more, they don’t do it exclusively as their principle payment method.

Is this a trend of more to come? Has the cryptocurrency become accepted by the general public? We believe that the answer is pointing towards YES. Especially after the Winklevoss brothers announcing they believe Bitcoin could explode past a $1,000,000,000.00 (Trillion) market cap. Which is probably why the twins recently began their new bitcoin endeavor, Gemini, a bitcoin marketplace to buy and sell. This is what is probably banking on.

When asked, owner of the online Halloween shop, Christopher Brazy why he chose to accept bitcoin over traditional credit cards he replied: “Cryptocurrency, altcoins & blockchain technology are the way of the future, and it’s here now. We wanted to reward those who used bitcoin by giving a great discount for our costumes and masks this Halloween. Plus I personally believe that bitcoin has uncountable benefits over a traditional, fiat currency, and I like the idea of supporting those that chose to place their trust in that.”

Information provided on his site says that he’s always been a fan of the digital currency and the changes it is making for the world. Since moving his store entirely online he’s revamped it to take bitcoin and paypal exclusively. Brazy used to have a physical storefront, but stocking, warehousing and having a physical presence year round is unnecessary nowadays when you can be even moreso present online.

He actually started out, online, with a costume shop nearly two decades ago. That site was sold after a successful run for a decade. was initially an online forum, exclusively. Then the brand grew and expanded to a few haunted houses, and even has a best selling book on haunted houses on Amazon. And now is going back to its roots, and has been renewed as an online store focusing on the best costumes and masks, and supporting bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Their inventory is also rather unique. Being in the industry for nearly two decades now, they’ve seen the trends come and go. “The box stores jumped onto the band wagon for a while, but their stock got cheaper and cheaper, catering to the lowest denominator. We like to offer the BEST in quality, and always have. We even blow away the merchandise the seasonal stores that popup this time of year, by a long shot” says Brazy.

Apparently, this is how they’ve lasted for the long haul, being innovative, carrying the best lines and looking towards the future. This is where the change to accept bitcoin came into play and where they plan their future. Support them at