SS Tech Reports Increase in Virus and Spyware Threats

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( — October 27, 2015) Grapevine, TEXAS –Providing technical computer services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, SS Tech Services has recently seen a rising number of virus and spyware problems. The increase in incidences means virus and spyware protection is as important as ever. A recent client discovered that information was inaccessible on certain computers after an employee clicked on an email loaded with spyware. The company was able to get their data back, but not until they paid a ransom. Thus the name “ransomware”.

Ransomware is a new family of malware that reflects a business of extorting money. One example is CryptoLocker, which locks up documents until users pay a ransom within a certain amount of time. Unsuspecting victims open an email and then a ZIP file, enter a password provided in the message, and try to open a PDF. The program then embeds itself in the computer memory and uses an AES algorithm to encrypt files. A pop-up message prompts users their files are encrypted and to pay for a private key that will decrypt files.

Shelby Staffel, SS Tech Services’ IT Services Director, said, “As with the many forms of viruses and spyware, it’s important to be vigilant in order to avoid CryptoLocker. We’re working hard to keep our services up to date and in line with clients’ threat management needs. The best defense is to stay alert for anything suspicious and have up to date anti-virus and backup systems in place.”

Avoiding CryptoLocker

SS Tech Services has identified several ways to avoid being infected. These include:
• Not opening emails with attachments from unknown senders.
• Disabling hidden Windows file extensions.
• Saving critical files in a backup system.
• Not paying any ransom, as it adds profit to the malware business.

How SS Tech Can Help

The first line of defense is the user’s computer. There are many forms of ransomware. Another is Police Virus. It prompts users to pay “fines” to get their computers back in operation. Virus and spam protection services are offered by SS Tech, which also specializes in Trojan and spyware removal. The company will even install applications and find the best ones to meet the client’s virus and malware protection needs. It even works to create proactive virus and malware support plans.

SS Tech can remove viruses/malware. Its main goal is to help plan ahead and get clients’ networks ready to fend off any attacks. Other beneficial services include help desk support, phone support, and remote technical support.

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