Does Your Back Pain Hurt and Do You Live in Stamford?

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( — October 27, 2015) Darien, CONNECTICUT — October 27, 2015) Darien, CONNECTICUT -Back pain is serious business. It accounts for over 16 billion dollars in lost wages and 42 billion dollars in medical expenses. Some cost isn’t it? For all the money being spent there seems to be little progress in alleviating the pain and disability that goes with long term chronic conditions like lower back pain.

A simple suggestion is that anyone with back pain resolve themselves to the fact that they must exercise if they want to control the problem. In many cases the problem of lower back pain is not resolvable. All too often these people will suffer for the rest of their lives. Many go on to devastating drug dependencies while searching for relief. Inactivity is the next step for chronic back pain sufferers. This brings a whole host of lifestyle types of diseases such as diabetes and obesity.
Can you appreciate that exercises could be a lifeline to someone who truly wants help with their back pain? Even office workers can do simple exercises while seated. Older people can do safe exercises while seated in their living rooms. Exercise needs to be as important as eating is. The only way to stay vital is to commit to exercising. The caveat is that the exercising needs to be safe. I strongly recommend that anyone starting an exercise program should see a physical therapist first to ensure safety. A healthy start will help keep the person new to exercise engaged longer.

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