OC Ramps Announce Top 5 Ramp or Rails for Christmas

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(Newswire.net — October 28, 2015) Santa Ana, CA — Lets face it, today there are many options and designs.  So which is good for you?  Become the stellar parent by knowing the top choice for your kid. 


1)       Any Mini Ramp.

Mini ramps and half pipes are used interchangeably and are one of the most common staples within skateboarding.  Whether you’re a beginner to skateboarding or a pro skater, everyone loves a great mini ramp.  The only thing you have to ask yourself is size and budget.  If you live in a condo or with limited yard space, a mini ramp (or halfpipe) is not for you.  If your budget is under $1500, a mini ramp is not for you.  Typically you’ll need a space of 25 feet x 8 feet to fit a mini ramp.  They go larger from there.  Every skater loves a mini ramp.  You give them an option to buy anything- they’ll want one of these guaranteed! Place your order for your mini ramps here: http://ocramps.com/mini-ramps/


2)      Any Quarterpipe.

The great thing about quarterpipes is that they’re portable.  You can move them to the front driveway to skate and push into the side yard or garage when done.  Quarterpipes are designed to be mobile, yet still one of the bigger obstacles out there.  Quarterpipes can be anywhere from 3 feet wide to 8.  A typical height for a portable quarter is 2 feet to 4.  Some quarterpipes have wheels on the back to make it easy for transportation.  With more than one quarterpipe you can get creative with layouts.  For example, you can have them face eachother to make the shape of a halfpipe.  You can also put the ramps side by side and make a really wide quarter.  Another option is putting the ramps back to back and making a table top ramp.  The benefit of a quarterpipe is being able to move and set up the ramps in a different fashion. 


3)      The 6’ Flat Rail

A skate rail is a must for any rider.  Beginner to Pro, a flat rail is one of the most common and popular obstacles.  The 6’ flat rail is short enough for newbies to practice their tricks.  Its also not too short that more experienced riders.  Most rails are also made to be portable.  Light enough to pick up and store away, and heavy enough it won’t slide around on you.  All of our rails are made right here in the United States– within our warehouse of California.  Other rails are manufactured overseas and are not very sturdy or secure.  Those cheap rails tend to break easily and are not built to withstand the abuse of an every day skater. 


4)      Any Grind Box

Since skaters began building obstacles in the 70’s and 80’s, the grind box (aka fun box) is a hit with any rider.  Once a skater learns to Ollie, a grind box is a must.  From 4 feet in length to 8, these grind boxes are designed for all levels of riders and easy to maneuver.  The purpose of a grind box is for the skater to Ollie up and grind on the metal edge (aka coping).  The skater then can practice a variation of tricks on that coping. 


5)      Any Signature Series obstacle

OC Ramps has a pro team of skaters with their own signature ramps or rails.  Each skater was asked to design an obstacle that he likes to skate- whether it be in contests, at their hometown skate park or in their free time.  When you purchase a ramp in our signature series section, you’re buying what the professionals like to skate.  You’re practicing on what they practice on.  One popular item is the Butter Bench- designed by Jordan Hoffart.  This is no regular bench- the top material is a custom created “butter” which is a form of recycled plastic.  Its ideal to grind and slide with the board.  Another hit is the Bump to Butter- designed by Manny Santiago.  This is an A-Frame shape ramp with a rail made of butter.  Skaters can catch air from the bump and grind or boardslide on the butter rail.  Incredible skater, Cody McEntire, has the Lonestar Bar- an 8’ long adjustable round rail.  Another hit is the Picnic Bench- designed by TJ Rogers.  This bench is a must for any advanced skater.  The side pieces are made with 2×6 butter edges.  It’s a favorite among most on the team. Wanna see more OC Ramps Designs? Visit this website: http://ocramps.com/ramp-design/


There is no real right or wrong ramp or rail to purchase for your skater.  Any rider would be ecstatic with a mini ramp, quarterpipe, rail/box or signature obstacle.  For any parent struggling with that to get– don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us questions.  We’ve helped thousands of parents all over the globe find what ramp or rail is ideal for their lil rider.  Christmas is approaching soon- get your today and beat the holiday rush!

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