Midlife Career Changes On This Rise

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Choosing the right career is a difficult feat to tackle first time, and in western societies, we are asked to choose our career path even before we’ve chosen our GCSE’s. Andy Shaw, author of the increasingly popular self-development program, ‘A Bug Free Mind’, analyses why midlife career changes are on the rise, and discusses the best ways to deal with such an existential mid-life transformation.


Shaw stated at his most recent press conference: “A mid-life career change is a sometimes inevitable path in life. After spending half of your life working, you may start to realise that this isn’t actually something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, you just settled into the pattern of routine.” He continued to say that whilst there are a plethora of different reasons from needing a career change, whether it’s because you’ve realised there is nowhere left for you to progress in your current role, or you’ve decided that what was once your dream in your 20’s is now nothing more than a way to earn money, it’s a process that can cause a lot of stress in someone’s life.


“No matter who you turn to for advice, you’re the only person who truly knows what to do.” Shaw continued. “The only way you can make the right decision is if you are genuinely happy with the decision you are about to make. Whilst I can’t make the decision for you, my self-development program, ‘A Bug Free Mind’ can offer you the self-confidence boost you may need to turn your life around.”


‘A Bug Free Mind’ is a self-development program built up through various chapters and videos to eliminate a negative state of mind and eradicate anxiety issues entirely. Shaw suggests that mid-way through reading ‘A Bug Free Mind’, readers may find that they would in fact be happier with a new career change. The second book in the series, ‘Creating a Bug Free Mind’ will enable readers to become at one with their current choice of career, whilst ‘Using a Bug Free Mind’ will open up career options in the reader’s life that they may never have thought of before, whether that be working for themselves, or working for somebody new altogether.


“Whatever happens,” Shaw concluded, “going through the ‘Bug Free Mind’ process will ensure that you will get whatever you desire.” The first five chapters of Shaw’s self-development program are available to download for free from his website, abugfreemind.com.





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