Car Seat Sun Shade Receives Hot Evaluations On Amazon

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( — October 28, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — With the hot weather now just a distant memory for most, hundreds of clients on Amazon have taken the time to give praise for Freddie and Sebbie’s safety seat sun shade. Recently interviewed, co-director for the business, Neil Speight, told reporters that the carseat sunshade protector had received complete backing from US parents over the Summer this year. He added: “We found during extensive market research that whilst a great deal of parents did understand the dangers of plastic seats becoming burning hot, many moms and dads didn’t. What many people didn’t appear to realize was that the metal buckles get much hotter than plastic ones. If they have been sitting under the sun all day, they can reach temperatures that could easily burn or scar a child. We wanted to put an abrupt end to this threat, by creating a sun shade that safeguards the whole safety seat, including metal accessories and attachments, not just the main seating area.”

The silver lined protective cover has been proved during testing to keep safety seats cooler by up to 28 degrees centigrade, in comparison to the rest of the vehicle, helping to prevent the risks and hazards associated with a burning car safety seat. With an average rating of 4.2 stars from an optimal 5, this car seat is becoming one of the highest rated products in the car device category on the whole shopping platform. With over 50 evaluations under its belt, customers seem just as pleased to applaud the customer care they got from Freddie and Sebbie, as much as the item itself.

One US mom, Heather Hopkins, has recently written a 5 star review on Amazon, explaining that her 5 stars represented the customer support she had received. She also said: “I actually ended up buying 2 of these, one for me, and another as a gift. It’s a wonderful item and works wonders! Not only does it keep the safety seat cool, it keeps it clean when the seat isn’t in use. I leave the windows down in my car a lot so this was excellent for me. It likewise features a pouch to keep the cover when it’s not in use. I love anything that helps keep me organized. There is only 1 flaw – on one of them, the seams around the drawstring were a little weak. I exchanged e-mails with the nicest girl in sales – Angela – and she sent me a replacement. This particular product by Freddie and Sebbie is backed by a warranty, which I had actually been unaware of.” She likewise stated that she never generally published evaluations, but with customer service and a warranty like that, she just felt she had to, and that she would certainly recommend this product to others.

More information on Freddie and Sebbie’s items, all of which come packaged with a lifetime no-hassle replacement guarantee, can be found on their website,, and on their Amazon Marketplace shop, where more car seat sunshade reviews can also be found.


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