Passive Income Franchises a Hot Option for Top Income Earners

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( — November 1, 2015) Sydney, NEW SOUTH WALES — Taking a look at where top income earners generate their wealth from, the top 1 percent of earners generate almost one quarter of their income from business income. This is quite a significant percentage, especially considering the general public generate an average of on 7 percent of their income from business.

Derek Cafferata, CEO of All State Franchise Finders based in Fort Worth, Texas, deals with many clients who are looking to increase their income without affecting their lifestyle or even their current employment role. This is where a passive income franchise is an ideal option.

“Many people simply want to increase their income, usually with the idea of preparing themselves financially for their retirement,” said Derek. “A passive income franchise business allows them to keep their current job and income while they invest in a business that can begin to generate passive income with little hands-on involvement on their part.”

Many people, whether they are already small business owners or employees, don’t understand this type of business opportunity is relatively easy to achieve. According to Derek Cafferata, with the right knowledge, you can select a franchise opportunity that is designed to run with little input from the business owner.

“A business like Liberty Tax Service, who have more than 3,500 franchisee locations, has tailored its franchise business model to cater to this group of entrepreneurs,” said Derek. “Two thirds of the Liberty Tax Service franchisees retain their current employment while they grow and develop their Liberty franchise.”

Liberty Tax Service is the fastest growing tax service within its industry. Established in 1997 by John Hewitt, it was franchised the same year. Under the experience and leadership of Hewitt, the business has grown into a highly respected franchise business. John Hewitt has years of tax and franchising knowledge and experience and was received the award for International Franchise Association’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

One of the great benefits of a passive income franchise is that it can take the financial pressure off getting your business off the ground straight away. When you can keep your current job and income, you don’t have the financial pressure of the new business having to pay you enough to maintain your desired lifestyle and expenses.

If are looking to invest into a passive income franchise that offers you the flexibility to keep your current job and income, but allows you to significantly increase your earning potential, contact All State Franchise Finders by calling 1800-544-2161 or visit


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