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( — November 1, 2015) —  Fitness Life Stories, the web center of information for healthy individuals and their families, will feature Scott Tucker’s upcoming “Cat Health Camp” which will be held next month. The Boston, MA event will help cat owners identify the status of their pet’s health and address any major issues through personalized education.

“This camp will help fitness fanatics expand the realm of their health consciousness to their pet’s health,” says Fitness Life Stories contributor Brittany Bur. “When people think about their own health for long enough it usually expands at some point to their families or partner’s health. This camp is taking it one step further, allowing fitness oriented people to take the time and get some education on their cat’s health as well.”

The camp will be held at Tucker’s cat grooming studio in Boston, MA the first week of December from the 1st until the 7th. Tucker will see up to 100 cats during this seven day camp and will provide personalized health assessments for each cat enrolled. Early enrollment will begin later this month for the camp, each cat enrolled must attend at least two days of the camp to receive the health assessment.

“The cat grooming profession includes a lot of health assessment each time a cat comes in,” says Tucker. “So I have a good idea in the first 10 minutes of each cat appointment of the overall health of the pet because you can really tell a lot by a cat’s behavior and appearance. This camp will help health conscious people be aware of their cat’s overall health and treat them in a more appropriate manner that improves the cat’s life.”

The week long event will cost $50 per cat, the price includes cat food and water for each day of attendance for up to seven days of attendance. Tucker recommends bringing every cat in each pet owner’s home to the camp to treat any social issues or afflictions which could be communicable. Assessments will be given out to pet owners after the conclusion of the camp and will inform pet owners of any observable concerns or issues noted by Tucker.

Tucker was recently featured on the Fitness Life Stories blog in a pet grooming spotlight. Photos and tips from the “Cat Health Camp” will be posted to the blog after the event next month.

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