Tom Carnevale’s Sentry360 Wins Coveted Product Awards

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( — November 2, 2015) Plainfield, IL — Tom Carnevale’s Sentry360 firm was the recent recipient of two Product of the Year awards from Security Products magazine. The company is one of the leading providers of security and surveillance solutions in North America, with a product line spearheaded by application driven surveillance cameras with multi-megapixel capability, and video management software suites. Catering primarily to the commercial and government markets, Sentry360 was established in 2004.

The two products accorded recognition by Security Products magazine are the IP Single-Sensor Panoramic for the FS-IP12180, which won the Best New Product award in the Cameras category, and the open-platform server switch, SentryEdge, which was adjudged the Best New Product in the Video Surveillance Hardware and Accessories category. These two innovative products epitomize Sentry360 hold on the market with its range of state-of-the-art products and services. Apply for your Security Installation at Sentry360 here:

Every year, Security Products compiles a list of the most outstanding products in the area of security equipment. Products deemed particularly noteworthy for their ability to enhance and improve security are accorded special recognition. Security Products magazine is the sole product and technology magazine in the country that caters to the entire security market. Products accorded the magazine’s Products of the Year award meet the highest standards for quality, performance, and reliability for security applications.

The aforementioned products are certainly worthy of recognition. The FS-IP12180 is an innovative camera design that features 12.0 megapixel resolution and a 180° field-of-view. The camera addresses an inherent limitation of traditional cameras, with which only the subjects focused and pointed at are recorded. The idea behind the camera’s design has actually been around for 7 years, and the fact that the technology has been accorded recognition in the FS-IP12180 is a source of considerable pride and gratification for Sentry360.

SentryEdge is equally worthy of renown. Marketed as an ecosystem-driven system, SentryEdge combines server capability (Windows or Linux) with managed network switching features and storage functionality in a single convenient package. SentryEdge addresses a number of essential security concerns including the need for more flexible video management solutions and more versatile storage options. SentryEdge supports NAS, RAID, and a number of other third-party storage systems.

Founded by Tom Carnevale, Sentry360 has been closely involved in the evolution and growth of IP Video in the security sector. The IP video industry has long labored to replicate the plug-and-play functionality that was such an integral aspect of analog systems. With the introduction of Sentry360’s revolutionary 360° technology, the company heralded a new standard by which modern CCTV systems are designed and installed. Learn more about Tom Carnevale here:

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Sentry360 is the foremost provider of security solutions in the commercial and government sectors. The recipient of two Best New Product Awards, the company remains committed to providing a range of innovative security products and services.


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