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(Newswire.net — November 3, 2015) Huntington Beach, California — William Telish and the team at Movement Mortgage provide all of the right information as a lending company to get quick approvals. William and the specialists have many years of experience and can provide the right answers to any questions a borrower may ask. He won’t let a client give up in frustration, and will do all in the company’s power to reach approval status.

Here are a few steps suggested by William so you will not leave without a loan. “You must first, assess your goals. You should sit down and make a list of what you must have and you what be nice-to-have.” Do you have school age children? If so, living in a school zone qualifies as a must-have on the list. Do you want a swimming pool? This would probably be a nice-to-have item. This will set the goals.

Step two involves “doing some research.” Locate an area you would like to live in and see if it is affordable. Look for the type of home you desire. Do you want a ranch style or a two-story home?

Step three is the process of “getting pre-qualified.” This will give you an idea of mortgage loan amounts that you will be qualified to receive. If you cannot afford that three story home; you will know before your heart is set on it.

Step four will require you to be a smart shopper. Take your list with you when you visit William Telish and his expert team. You will already have a baseline of the style of home desired, as well as an amount your budget can afford. You can begin with a higher figure in mind and work with the homeowner for a sale.

William Telish said, “I will do my best to have your application approved quickly with the best possible rates available.” The team offers several options with low down payments, including FHA financing. Extra money should be available for the existing home, with 203k Streamline products. William also offers ten to thirty-year terms with fixed-rate products for added security. This feature is available on many of the current popular types of mortgages.

All questions will be answered in an easily understood lingo with the team’s professional and fast mortgage service. For more detailed information with your private information, please contact the office. Movement Mortgage provides a seven-day process of approximately 70% of all processed loans. William states, “ I will accept an electronic application for an underwriter to make a decision within six hours if possible; the loan within seven days, if all goes well.”

About: William is the senior mortgage assistant and owner with one main focus at Movement Mortgage. “The goal of our team is to have a fast loan approval within no more than a week turnaround.”

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