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( — November 6, 2015) Middletown, RI –Skiing can be one the more exhilarating activities you can do. It’s also an activity that can take the biggest toll on your body, unless you are adequately prepared. 

“Fortunately, most skiers tend to be active people who maintain a certain level of fitness year round and that’s a great benefit for the first few times out on the slopes,” said Dr. Michael Gottfried, president of the Chiropractic Society of Rhode Island and chiropractic doctor at Aquidneck Chiropractic in Middletown, RI. “Even with staying fit most of the year, you do need to prepare your ‘skiing muscles’ prior to hitting the slopes.” 

Gottfried recommends squats as a great preparatory exercise for ski season. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, knees aligned over your feet. Slowly lower your buttocks as you bend your knees over your feet. Stand up straight again. About 10 to 15 squats is a great start. Build up until you can do three sets of 15 with a minute rest in between. 

If you do not regularly exercise, 4-6 weeks before going skiing, start a gentle exercise regime to work the right areas of the body so the first day on the slopes isn’t too much of a shock to the system. Walking for a minimum of 30 minutes 5 times a week at a good pace is recommended for minimum levels of health. Start with walking on flat terrain and build up to some modest inclines to get your legs used to hard work. If you feel up to it, incorporate a set of squats.

“Because most people don’t have a slope in their backyards and can’t ski everyday, it’s a sport that can cause injury. That’s why weekend and competitive skiers seek ongoing treatment from chiropractors as a way to avoid and minimize injury—Olympic skier Picabo Street being a notable devotee of chiropractic,” said Gottfried.

If you are not currently seeing a chiropractor and want to schedule an appointment before hitting the slopes, you can utilize the “Find A Doctor” feature on the Chiropractic Society of Rhode Island’s website,

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