Neuro-Laser Foundation to Begin TBI Trial As “Concussion” Movie Premieres

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( — November 10, 2015) Lakewood, Colorado –The Neuro-Laser Foundation today announces plans to commence a new TBI trial in 2016, inviting people suffering from effects of concussion and traumatic brain injury (TBI) to enroll, and donors to support the “Say Goodbye TBI” campaign. 

“The movie ‘Concussion’ with Will Smith not only brings more awareness to the significance of TBI, but also makes the audience wonder – isn’t there a better treatment for TBI?,” said Dr. Theodore Henderson, co-Founder of Neuro-Laser Foundation. “Our previous research has indicated that our TBI treatment effectively reduces headaches, depression and anxiety, while improving cognitive function.” Even more exciting is that patients retained the benefits of this treatment and continued to do well for years after NILT. 

Dr. Henderson is referring to a new promising treatment for TBI, using a patent-pending multi-Watt, near-infrared light therapy (NILT). This unique high-powered laser penetrates the skin and skull to regenerate brain cell functioning with no negative side effects, as recent shown in two published studies in the scientific journal Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment:

  • Near-infrared photonic energy penetration: can infrared phototherapy effectively reach the human brain? Henderson TA & Morries LD.
  • Treatments for traumatic brain injury with emphasis on transcranial near-infrared laser phototherapy. Morries LD, Cassano P, Henderson TA.

Dr. Henderson said a third study provides additional foundation for expanding research. Recently published in the scientific journal Advances in Mind-Body Medicine, the research showed neurological improvement among patients using NILT, based on images from functional SPECT brain scans (single photon emission computed tomography). Prospective patients may contact Dr. Henderson’s office directly for more information, and learn more here.

Prospective TBI Trial patients may include active and retired football and soccer players, as well as civilians, military personnel, and first-responders. Therefore, the foundation is seeking funding for a major research and operating initiative. More information available here.

“TBI is quite common, and symptoms often mimic other conditions, such as PTSD, making it difficult to diagnose and treat,” said Dr. Henderson, noting the Center for Disease Control reports an estimated three million concussion and TBI emergency visits annually. “For those who believe they have a TBI, this may be the answer.”

The Neuro-Laser Foundation (NLF) is a non-profit organization, based in Denver, Colorado, dedicated to transforming lives of those with psychiatric and neurological conditions, some resulting from traumatic brain injury (TBI). Building on more than 30 years of studying the effects of near-infrared light on cells and tissues, the Foundation is advancing technology and treatment approaches that will increase quality of life factors for people impacted by traumatic brain injury.

More information is available at or calling (720) 493-1101.

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The Neuro-Laser Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Denver, Colorado, dedicated to advancing technology and treatment that will increase quality of life for people impacted by traumatic brain injury and other complex psychiatric conditions. Learn more at

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