Scores of Amazon Customer Reviews for Neoprene Lunch Bag Lead to 4.9 Star Score

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( — November 10, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — Nevada-based business Freddie and Sebbie initially started as a child care accessory brand, however with raving reviews across its whole range, it quickly scoped into the food accessory market. Co-director of the business Neil Speight mentioned at a recent interview: “The thing that came up again and again from validated customer evaluations was that people enjoyed the high quality, but low expense of our items. We seemed to have actually filled a gap in the market where high quality products were concerned, and we simply believed we might as well put that to good use in other areas. Our goal is to provide our customers with great, helpful items, and judging from the thousands of reviews we have racked up over our entire range, we’re not doing too bad at all!”

The business based in Nevada, has actually been offering family accessories on the the Amazon Marketplace for just over 3 years. According to their official site, they aim to supply moms and dads with quality devices to help with the daily task of keeping everything well arranged for their children. The list of 20+ devices offered on, includes the recently introduced Neoprene lunch bag, which has already been granted with a 4.9 star rating from over 120 evaluations.

Specifically developed for the working woman, verified consumer evaluations have applauded Freddie and Sebbie’s lug lunch bag to be the ideal mix of style and practicality. At 10″ by 6″ by 14″, it can easily hold 2 medium-sized plastic lunchboxes for the utmost organized lunch time, and its Neoprene external is specifically designed to keep warm dishes warm and cool dishes cold, that’s according to verified reviewers, who additionally mention how the soft carry handles offer convenience and stability whilst its strong, modern design makes certain it really stands out from the crowd.

Their latest verified review from US mom, Briana, states, “This polka dot lunch bag is both elegant and practical, and the black with white polka dots pattern is timeless and eye-catching. I Love the contoured shape of the bag, which just contributes to its aesthetic appeal. This bag can easily work as a multi-functional carry so whether it is being made use of to load a healthy lunch, shower stuff for the gym, a baby diaper bag, a book bag when you go to the library… You get the idea. This bag is the best size and will get lots of use. Really extremely recommended!”

Freddie and Sebbie’s range is available to see online on their store, alongside thousands of confirmed consumer reviews, product descriptions and product images, including that of the Neoprene Lunch Bag. Business details about Freddie and Sebbie can be discovered on their site’s About Page at


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