XRoads Networks WINS Patent Lawsuit vs Fatpipe Networks

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(Newswire.net — November 12, 2015) Irvine, CA — XRoads Networks, a leading provider of WAN optimization platforms, was recently granted summary judgment in a lengthy patent lawsuit.  The court affirmed that XRoads Networks products are unique in that they do not infringe on Fatpipe’s patents. XRoads Networks wants to assure those organizations which had held off purchasing our next generation UBM products due to patent issues can now safely move forward with said purchases.

The court also found that XRoads Networks solutions “create” new sessions (using our Accelibond technology) and that this is significantly different from Fatpipe’s technology. XRoads had argued that its session-bonding technology is a significant improvement to “network load balancing” technologies.

The federal court affirmed the functionality of XRoads Networks patented session-bonding technology, which can actually combine the download speed of an organizations Internet connectivity.

What this means is that if an organization has two Internet connections, and each connection is 50Mbps, with other solutions the maximum download speed would only be 50Mbps.  With XRoads Networks solutions the combined web download speed would be 100Mbps.  This can be easily verified by performing a speed test before and after an XRoads UBM appliance installation.

XRoads Networks WAN optimization solutions include link bonding, automated network redundancy, extensive network caching (up to 32TB), dynamic traffic shaping, and detailed network reporting.

Additionally, XRoads Networks is the only “SD-WAN” product on the market today that incorporates VPN Virtualization technology, which is the ability to replace an existing VPN and/or dedicated network connection with multiple site-to-site tunnels along with our unique session-based tunnel bonding technology.  All of this functionality was validated by the federal court ruling.

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