Lifestyle Coach Reveals 85/15 Lifestyle for a Tailored Healthy Lifestyle

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( — November 12, 2015) Los Angeles, California — Jeanette Lucero a Certified Health and Fitness Lifestyle coach, set up her 85/15 Lifestyle to cater to people who want to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle regardless of how hectic their schedule might be or how depressed and drained of the essence of life circumstances might have turn them to be.

Being a mother of three herself, a wife, and a business owner, she believes that her personal experience and training has prepared her to help other people in their quest to living a happier life, and helping them inculcate healthy lifestyle habits.

The Lifestyle Coach with a published book titled: “Maintainable Lifestyle Recipes” emphasized that she develops plan for each person to meet their individual needs. “Your individual needs are my priority because when you choose to work with me, you are not selecting the newest fad or newest workout. You are choosing to find what you need personally to break free and make change that lasts.” She also added that she does not believe in diet, since most are not formulated to suit individual’s lifestyle; therefore, not maintainable.

Her 85/15 lifestyle model is built around finding where priorities and needs lie, then discovering them and making them apparent to the individual. Furthermore, her suggested line of action comes from an understanding of things in people’s life that they simply cannot live without. This she affirm is necessary, in order to become successful in a maintainable lifestyle for health and fitness.
“In order to become successful and live a maintainable lifestyle, you must first map out and discover what your own individual needs and priorities are, this is 85% of the process. To recognize what it is that you are unable to live without, we first need to dig deeper through a series of engaging questions to discover what is in your top 15%.”

She is also of the opinion that living a healthy lifestyle should be exciting and fun; consequently, having a happy life in general becomes second nature.

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ABOUT 85/15 Lifestyle:  85/15 Lifestyle is a health and fitness lifestyle program based in California. Owned and managed by Jeanette Lucero, a certified health and fitness lifestyle coach, to help people live a happy and healthy life by their own choosing. Website:


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