Scott Tucker Hosts Pancake Cooking Contest

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( — November 12, 2015) — Never Be Bored, a site that offers tips and interesting ideas on how to stay busy and entertained, will cover Scott Tucker’s first annual Pancake Cookoff Contest. The participants will be able to enter into the contest this November for the December 12 event in Tempe, AZ.

“This event will be a treat for the weary holiday times between Thanksgiving and Christmas,” says Never Be Bored editor Melanie Riggs. “We will send a representative from our staff every year that Tucker puts this on and really thank him for deciding to have the contest. The Arizona winters are very mild but still get a little chilly, perfect weather for pancakes and they get very delicious around the holidays.”

Tucker will host the contest and has hand selected five judges from the greater Tempe area to determine the best pancake recipe in the city. Each participant will be judged on four things: presentation, creative flavor, moistness, and toppings. Tucker will MC the event, announcing to attendees the scores after judges finalize their decisions.

“There are plenty of people who enjoy pancakes and winter really lacks for food cookoffs like this,” says Tucker. “Really my favorite time to cook warm fluffy pancakes is in the chilly days when I just want something to warm me up. The contest will be great for the restaurants and at home pancake genius’s to come together in competition and have at it for the benefit of the public.”

The event will be free to attend with 50 seats available at the Pancake Cookoff Contest venue. Tucker will serve guests pancakes and maple syrup for their enjoyment while waiting for the judges to announce the winner of the contest. The entry fee has been set at $25 per contestant and includes two pancake recipe entries for judges to try.

Never Be Bored recently covered Tucker in a feature detailing his passion for pancakes and some of his favorite personal recipes. Photos and recipes from the Pancake Cookoff Event will be covered on the Never Be Bored blog this December.

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