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( — November 18, 2015) Steyning, West Sussex — Whilst Shaw’s self-development series was already acclaimed as a national success in 2004, it was only when he took a risk with his business by taking to the online world that his passion for his work really started to turn into profit. “It was a bit of a struggle getting started online for me back in 2004,” Shaw said in a recent press conference, while adding: “But now there are hundreds of thousands of guides online to help you out with everything from setting up a website to driving and maintaining traffic. Anik Singal was one of my personal mentors for years when I was first starting out, and I don’t know where I would be today without his sound advice and expertise in his field. That is why it brings me great pleasure to share his new e-book ‘Passion to Profit’ with the world today.”

Shaw’s ‘A Bug Free Mind’ series constantly emphasizes the relationship between joy and wealth, and outlines that if one can achieve complete serenity and happiness, they can achieve utmost wealth and success too. It has achieved multi-national success in over 130 countries worldwide, and has received thousands upon thousands of five star reviews since its release.

Shaw went on to describe that becoming a successful self-development expert did not come easy, and Anik’s new book is the shortcut he wished he had had when he first started out. “The book’s simplified step-by-step processes are not only easy to follow, but they really motivate the reader to push themselves that little bit harder each day. I suggest if you want to consider the option of possibly making money and becoming successful from your passion, just as I did, then this book is without a doubt worth a read. My life and my family’s life has changed forever for the better, simply because I dared to look into the unknown. If the whole world read this book, it would be a much happier, more successful place.”

Highly recommended by Andy Shaw, Anik Signal’s Passion for Profit is available to download as a free e-book from The first five chapters of Andy Shaw’s self-development series, ‘A Bug Free Mind’ are also available to download for free from his own website, 


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