Self-storage is a Short-term Solution to the Shortage in Larger Homes

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( — November 18, 2015) — While the demand for larger homes is high, the supply just isn’t available which means many families have no choice but to find self-storage units in a bid to free up room at home –  and what an excellent short-term solution they are.

Safe and secure

As well as giving homeowners and renters a bit of much-needed space until they can afford/find a larger property, self-storage facilities also provide a safe, secure environment for belongings to be held. Storage sites boast a wide array of security facilities including regular patrols and CCTV with each unit being safely guarded by either a PINs-entry system or lock and key. You can also come and go according to the access available at your chosen store.

Large and small

Everyone has different amounts they want to store, which is why reputable storage companies offer units in a variety of sizes. This means that whether you’ve got masses of stuff you need to keep aside or just one or two bulky items, you can hire the right amount of space – without paying for room you don’t need. Storage units are reasonably priced and can be hired on a long or short-term basis giving you plenty of time to sort your living situation out. The amount you pay for a property in the UK will depend on where you live, but as even the smallest homes can be costly it’s good to know there are affordable place to store your belongings.

Works like a garage

If you’re moving into a smaller property than you’re used to there’s a high chance your new abode won’t have a garage. Sure, there might be limited parking facilities, but space to store all your tools, bicycles and kids’ toys is probably non-existent. If your move is temporary while you look for something bigger, you can use self-storage facilities in a similar way to a garage. Of course, you might not want to keep things like lawnmowers if you don’t have a garden, but if you plan to relocate in the near future, storage is certainly an option.

Office space

Work from home but don’t have room to swing a cat, let alone set up an office? Then fear not as many self-storage facilities also come with power outlets and Wi-Fi meaning you can turn your bit of extra space into a working area. Many small firms these days are, in fact, run from self-storage units as they’re the ideal place to store, pack, price and send a wide array of products. You could even just pop a desk inside and use this area for some quiet time, particularly if your home is overcrowded and noisy.

While nobody would probably think to hire a storage unit forever, they are a great option for people looking for extra room – especially as larger houses are so hard to come by these days.