It is Time Somebody Invents a “Drugalyser”

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( — November 23, 2015) — Since there are breathalysers, which are un/fortunately very efficient in discovering how much a person drank, maybe it is time to introduce another gadget, a drugalyser, which will be equally effective. It is very important to have something which will be able to measure if/how ‘high’ a person behind a wheel is. And fine them severely for it. If they find themselves in jail or with an enormous fine to pay, maybe they will think twice before they do the same thing again and hopefully not hurt or kill somebody. Due to the lack of this gagdet, we cannot even imagine how many people there are who drive under influence of some substance every night ( let’s hope they don’t do it during the day).

It seems that not enough people regard drugdriving equally dangerous as drunkdriving. The state of one’s mind is altered and physical properties are diminished in both cases. We don’t konow what is going on in the brain of a man who is on drugs, but we do know that he is an imminent danger to everyone, as well as the one who is drunk. It is just another type of intoxication, nothing else. Is there any study that shows what these people think when they are in such a state and still decide to drive? Probably they think that it’s nothing, especially if they have done it many times before and escaped consequences. Once is  more than enough.

Maybe scientists should come up with a chip or something which will be able to act as a triple warning, first before taking drugs, second time before going home and finally if a person tries to drive. Maybe this final warning should be in a form of some kind of tolerable pain or a sting or something strong enough to make people come to their senses. This chip mustn’t be expensive and it should be available to all, it shouldn’t be made priviledge of only rich people. It should also be sold worldwide, because there is no country in the world which is immunized from accidents caused by either drunk or drugdriving. The problem is, only the former ones are recorded and penalized.

Ford has just released a drugdriving suit which is able to show some manifestations of this state. People should try it out. Or just call a taxi when in that kind of state. Or just not get drunk or high.