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( — November 28, 2015) Los Angeles, CA — Happy Homes and Pets, the site for uplifting stories and tips on home and life improvement, recently featured Scott Tucker in an article announcing his new ‘Eco Friendly Plush Toy’ for cats and kittens. The toy is made of entirely bio-degradable materials safe for the environment, residential homes, and small animals.

“Tucker is a brilliant textile artist and we adore the new plush toy designs that we have seen so far,” says Happy Homes and Pets contributor Brittany Stockdale. “Each plush toy is hand made by Tucker which makes them incredibly special and one of a kind pieces. The idea that they are toys meant for cats is almost hard to swallow because they are really cute toys, I would say they’re collectable quality even.”

The plush toys, which are recommended for use with cats only, are filled with digestible and biodegradable materials safe for cats. The toys feature cloth eyes and string which are designed to withstand a reasonable amount of biting and pawing from playful or aggressive pets.

“My cats are tearing things up every day in my house so I wanted to make something more safe for them,” says Tucker. “The risk of cats swallowing something that can hurt them is unfortunately high even with industry standards in place to keep pets safe. I just thought I could through my artistic hat in the ring and design some really cool plushies which are also safe and suitable for the normal playful cat.”

The plush cat toy cost has not been announced yet but the products will be available for purchase through Tucker and select online pet product retailers this spring. Tucker is limited to producing 20 eco friendly plushy toys per week during the winter and expects to have more than 250 ready for sale by Valentines Day 2016. Happy Homes and Pets will publish details on ‘Eco Friendly Plush Toy’ purchase locations as they become finalized.

About Scott Tucker

Scott Tucker is a textile artist, producer and designer living in Portland, OR. His passions include designing clothing for animals and humans, textile based art, and recreating historic cultural textile works.

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