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( — November 29, 2015) Chicago, IL — Inspired Creative Fun, the website for inspired and productive people worldwide, recently featured Scott Tucker in an article announcing his new e-book ‘Kombucha Brewing 101’. The e-book will be released by Tucker later this month with a week long free download period to celebrate the release. Tucker’s e-book includes information on how to effectively brew Kombucha.

“Brewing kombucha is really a lot of fun but it can be tricky if you don’t know where to start,” says Tucker. “The goal of this book is to teach the ultimate basics for getting a batch of kombucha started and keeping it alive long enough to enjoy the fruits of your labor. In short, it takes patience and a clean kitchen to brew a decent batch of kombucha.”

The book will feature four chapters that take the reader through the process of brewing one batch of kombucha from start to finish which will result in approximately six bottles of kombucha. The end result will vary from reader to reader based on the SCOBY they start out with which is not included with the purchase of the e-book. The e-book outlines basic equipment needed to start the process in the first chapter.

“Several of our staff have invited Tucker to give an interview after the release of his book,” says Inspired Creative Fun editor Ben Burton. “The home brew phenomenon has effected us here, half the office is brewing their own kombucha or interested in it. This e-book will be a great download for anyone who is interested in brewing kombucha and needs a really simple approach to get started.”

Tucker has included tips on kombucha brewing from his own personal experience brewing for the past five years. The process is explained in the e-book from Tucker’s perspective exclusively. Tucker included information on how to procure a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast in the e-book to begin the brewing process and which kind of sugar and tea he prefers to use.

“My method works really well for me so I thought I’d throw together an e-book and help some interested people out,” says Tucker. “I give my name brand recommendations and sources in the e-book but I did not receive any compensation for naming them.”

Inspired Creative Fun will review Tucker’s e-book in a feature article later this month.

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