Washington State Closet Makeover Website Goes Live

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(Newswire.net — November 30, 2015) — A new website designed to help homeowners get more space and usability from their home’s closets is now on the Web.

The Closet Contractor website is starting with the hope of providing advice and information to homeowners mostly around Washington State. The site intends to help people find experienced closet designers and builders who can help them either build a new closet or remodel their existing one.

The site’s editor, Sam DeMars, said that this new site will originally be focused on Washington homeowners, but the site could expand to other states as time goes by.

“The idea behind the site was to help get homeowners matched up with a closet designer in their area,” stated DeMars, “There are some people who are really good at getting the most out of someone’s available closet space, but most homeowners don’t know who these people are.”

“Some people might think a closet makeover is something that only someone with a luxury home would be interested in doing,” continued DeMars, “And certainly we see more of it in the luxury market, but homeowners with average houses can really benefit from having an optimized closet, storage and dressing area too.”

“These closet makeovers can be large or small in scope,” she said, “Some can involve removing or adding walls, and that’s where the imagination and experience of the designer comes into play. They can picture the possibilities available in a space. They know what has worked in the past and they can often come up with some pretty terrific ideas and plans.”

From Hiring a Contractor to Doing it Alone

While most large home supply stores sell closet kits and accessories that homeowners can install themselves, DeMars believes that many people can be surprised at how great a custom-designed area can look and function.

“The type of closets most people think about are the common white wire components that the big home goods stores sell,” DeMars said, “While those kits are certainly functional and easy for the average homeowner to install, their popularity with the higher-end home market has diminished quite a bit lately. Many home buyers and homeowners are looking for a solid wood shelving system rather than that common white wire look. Real estate agents know the impact that a fabulous closet can make on some home buyers.”

“A custom-built closet may not be the answer for some people, but for others it could be a terrific home improvement option,” concluded DeMars, “And for those people who are interested in pursuing it, our site attempts to provide those people with a short list of good local designers to help them out.”

DeMars noted that her site is new and still in the development phase, so it may be a while until each city has a complete list of local designers and builders.

About Closet Contractor:

ClosetContractor.com is a new online tool designed to help homeowners find closet designers and builders in Washington State. For details, you can visit http://www.closetcontractor.com.

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