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( — November 30, 2015) Huntington Beach, California — Tops Cannabis is continually looking for ways to innovate in its medical marijuana delivery service. That’s why they’ve announced that they will be implementing weekly revolving menus to the service offerings at the cannabis dispensary.  Doing so makes a lot of sense to Ashley, director of office operations for the dispensary service.  “By adding a rotating menu, we are able to showcase new marijuana strains to our patients,” she says.  “It also gives our trusted grower partners a platform with which to introduce new strains.”  Because availability of strains is constantly changing with the seasons and with patient needs, the rotating menus add a layer of flexibility to the dispensary’s operations. To learn more about this groundbreaking dispensary, visit

Patient-oriented and fully personalized services are what have given the medical marijuana delivery service its stellar reputation in the industry.  The company serves patients in Orange County, California as well as the metro Los Angeles region.  The San Gabriel Valley and surrounding communities also enjoy the company’s outstanding service offerings. As a leader in medical marijuana delivery, Tops differentiates itself from competitors by offering comprehensive at-home consultations for new and existing medical members.  These consultations help the experts at the company pinpoint the best strains or edible products, helping patients achieve improved quality of life and reduced discomfort from their conditions. The dispensary offers a wide range of popular medicinal strains as well as concentrates and edible products made by valued partners.

“Feedback on our strains is very important to Tops,” says Ashley.  “As new strains are developed, we want to hear how our patient members respond to them, helping us to add to our ever-changing menu.”  Growers who work with Tops Cannabis can introduce new strains to the dispensary, knowing that customer feedback also assists them with producing the highest-quality and most potent strains available on the medicinal market.  Customer interaction is crucial for the dispensary’s growth and success, as the company prides itself on tailoring its services for the specific needs of its patient members.  By offering the finest indoor-grown strains and expertly-made products, Tops will continue to be a leader in California’s medical marijuana community. 

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Tops Cannabis is the premier medical marijuana delivery service in Orange County, California and the surrounding communities, including Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley. Their knowledgeable staff provides professional free consultations, and offers the largest selection of Sativas, Indicas, Hybrids, concentrates, and edibles delivered right to your door, in the privacy of your own home. There are many valuable health benefits that medical marijuana offers, and Tops Cannabis can pinpoint your specific medical needs during the private, in-home consultations.

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