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( — December 1, 2015) Seattle, WA –A new website designed to help out people who want to get a small dent in their car repaired is now live on the Web.

The Ding-Repairs website has launched with some basic tips on how to find a service that will remove your car’s dent as quickly, easily and cheaply as possible. The site hopes to help car owners choose a repair company that is different from the typical auto body repair shop that performs bigger repair jobs.

The website’s editor, Sam DeMars, said the Ding-Repairs site is designed right now just for car owners in Washington State, but that she expects the site to grow to include other states as time goes by.

“Most car owners end up getting a small dent at some time,” stated DeMars, “And that’s especially true if you live in Seattle and don’t have a garage. The streets are so narrow and parking is so challenging, dents and scratches are almost expected. Fortunately, some of these smaller dents can be knocked out without having to replace any parts or to do any painting.”

“There are some companies that are in the sole business of doing paintless dent repair,” continued DeMars, “And most of them offer mobile service, which means they bring their service van right to your vehicle, rather than having you drive to a service center. This is a tremendous benefit for most vehicle owners. These mobile dent repair companies may be able to work on the owner’s car while they are at work, out shopping, or even at home.”

Cost and Convenience

According to DeMars, the two biggest reasons people choose one of the paintless dent repair services are the cost and convenience they offer.

“These dent repair companies normally charge so much less than the full-service auto body shops charge, so that makes them pretty popular with car owners,” DeMars said, “Plus they offer a mobile service, which means you don’t have to drive your car to a shop and leave it there for a few days. That’s a big advantage for these types of companies.”

“These repair companies can’t make every repair. They aren’t set up to be able to fix every car. They will tell you if your car’s situation is something they cannot get done,” concluded DeMars, “That being said, all you have to do is call them and maybe send them a photo of your vehicle. They’ll let you know their opinion.”

“Our site has come up with a few dent repair companies local car owners can call if they are in this situation,” she said, “Depending upon which area of the state you live in, you should be able to find one that will help you out.”

DeMars concluded by saying the site is new and still being worked on, so it may be a little while until each city has a complete list of suggested repair companies. For details, you can visit

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About Ding-Repairs is a new online tool designed to help car owners find paintless dent repair services in Washington State.


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