Scott Tucker Opens New Vintage Themed Clothing Store

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( — December 2, 2015) New York City, NY — Family Fashion Fun, the center for hot fashion news and tips, will feature the new period accurate clothing store from fashion-historian and designer Scott Tucker. The store will contain accurate clothing designs from several periods including the renaissance and turn of the century. The grand opening takes place at the end of the month.

“The clothes are truly beautiful and the experience is incredible, like walking into a time machine,” says Tim Meewes, fashion critic of Family Fashion Fun. “Not only are the pieces period accurate, they are of much higher quality, so customers need not worry of breaking a seam from bending over to get something. The store itself is a piece of design genius. Tucker and his team have included large plaques and cutouts that give the history behind the clothing and accessories.”

Tucker plans on holding several period accurate galas over the course of the next year. The store will host cocktail parties bi-monthly with different themes and period foods.

“This isn’t just about the history,” says Tucker. “But that is a big part of it. We want customers to truly appreciate the time period and try to get a glimpse of what people looked like before the present day fashions. We’re not going to turn people away for not dressing in period, but it will definitely be encouraged. I don’t care if it’s clothing from my store or not, this is more of a social growth experience than a business.”

Tucker’s clothing store opens at the end of the month with the first cocktail hour on the same day. The most recent article post on Family Fashion Fun details Tucker’s store and the grand opening event.

About Scott Tucker

Fashion-historian and clothing designer Scott Tucker has, until recently, been working as a history teacher at his local high school. Designing clothing on the side for both business and pleasure finally took the reigns and recently he started pursuing it full time. Presently he has released several lines to critical success and is currently opening a new store.

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