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( — December 8, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS –The high-end lunch bag by Freddie and Sebbie has received 98% favorable reviews on the Amazon Marketplace from a total of 178 US consumers. A Davidson has offered a 5 star score for the lunch bag, while recommending it without reluctance. She additionally discovered the bag to be both cute and extremely practical. She added. “One of the best features of this lunch bag is that it is made of neoprene, the same material that is utilized to produce wet suits for scuba diving.”

Briana Goss has expressed in her 5 star review just how fashionable she found the black and white polka dot pattern to be, while also saying how much she liked the contoured shape of the Freddie and Sebbie bag. She included: “It’s just like a high end bag with its attractive design. In addition, the size of the bag supplies enough area to store two regular-sized lunch boxes. It comes with a zipper that conceals what you are carrying within, and the double handle enables the easy removal of products. Considering that neoprene is water resistant, the bag does really keep the bag’s contents dry and safe.”

Another 5 star review from Bella Forte mentioned that the Freddie and Sebbie lunch box is ideal for their family getaways, as it is well insulated and well built. Bella is confident that she can machine wash the bag on a moderate cycle, and it will not get damaged, stating the strong neoprene product would make sure of that.

Maricela G thinks that this polka dot lunch bag is perfect for moms like her, who eat lunch with their kids at school. Maricela additionally explained that the neoprene material is perfect for monogramming, saying she owned a heat press that she had used to monogram the bag. She concludes by stating that she really thinks that this lunch bag is a fantastic present concept for everyone, from young primary girls to fashionable adults.

Company spokesperson Neil Speight stated just recently during an online press meeting that the bag had only just been released a few months back. He included: “With the Freddie and Sebbie neoprene lunch bag now readily available on, you can now make your lunch times more satisfying and more interesting than ever before. The neoprene has actually been thoroughly tried and tested to keep food cool and fresh for approximately 12 hours or longer.”

The fashionable high-end lunch box by Freddie and Sebbie is solely offered on their Amazon shop, where the above lunch box reviews can likewise be verified. More info relating to the Nevada based company Freddie and Sebbie, can be discovered on the site




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