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( — December 8, 2015) Las Vegas, Nev. –Extremely functional, elegant, and a genuinely flexible cooler bag are simply a few of the sentiments revealed by 7 out of 10 the Amazon Marketplace shoppers, currently enjoying the complete variety of advantages of one of Freddie and Sebbie’s latest advancements, a luxurious cooler bag. According to the Amazon product description, the insulated carry box is mainly planned to keep foods and beverages staying cool all day long.


A.R, a mom of 3, has attested to the unmatched capability of Freddie and Sebbie’s Cooler Bag, saying: “The item can be made use of for lots of things, mostly because of the way it insulates the inside compartment and because of its large size.” She further adds that the she has actually used the Cooler Bag as an exceptional shopping and grocery bag as well as an important bag for holding drenched products such as damp clothing and towels after a day of frolicking on the beach.


Neil Speight, business representative for Freddie and Sebbie, said in a recent press meeting: “The cooler bag’s been intentionally designed to be as simple to use as possible, without any fancy devices or extra pockets that might limit its total capability, while creating a bag to be easy and functional, that folds away quickly for instantaneous storage.”


Amazon’s Hall of Fame customer S.C of Central New Jersey has written of the Freddie and Sebbie’s Cooler Bag as nothing less than a well-constructed and beautifully-stitched piece of Cooler Bag. He included: “The stitch patterns have actually truly matched the extremely basic design of the bag, producing raw yet harmonious contrasts to offer the Cooler Bag a genuinely unique aesthetic appeal.”


Charme and another satisfied the Amazon Marketplace buyer, Prisrob of New England, both had something similar to say about Freddie and Sebbie’s Cooler Bag. Charme states: “Freddie and Sebbie’s Cooler Bag is not only practical, and functional, but more significantly, it is attractive, especially with how it’s been sewn. While many might think about the overall appeal of Freddie and Sebbie’s Cooler Bag as something that is dull or extremely flat, a more detailed look at the item’s surface area will expose complex patterns of stitches that can only come from an extremely proficient craftsman and needle worker.”


More details for this cooler bag by Freddie and Sebbie, together with scores of 5 star cooler box evaluations are found on their exclusive Amazon store, with additional item and company information found on




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