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( — December 9, 2015) Austin, TX — Bored Never Blog, a website for relentless fun and entertainment ideas, will feature the upcoming debut of Scott Tucker’s new ‘Joke of the Day’ calendar app. The desktop app will run on PC, Mac, as well as Linux operating systems and will be available in a mobile app version later this year. Tucker was recently interviewed by Bored Never Blog in an app developer spotlight article on their blog.

“Jokes really break up the boring and dull work day for me so that was why I created this app,” says Tucker. “Even in the fun world of programming and app development, I can get lost if I don’t take a break and relieve some of the stress from my shoulders. Laughing is a great way to keep me interested in what I’m working towards and I know a lot of other people feel the same way, so I made this app for those kind of everyday working people.”

The app will be available for free download onto most desktop operating systems later this month from Scott Tucker’s website. The app, which will create a daily alert for a mandatory joke break, pops up like an alarm and tells the user one joke in audio or text form. Users can select preferences for audio or text jokes when installing the app.

“Calendar apps are useful for workers who are on computers most of the day and might need regular breaks,” says Bored Never Blog contributor Harrison Malone. “Tucker’s joke app looks pretty simple but I know I could really use something to make me laugh in the middle of the afternoon after I’ve had lunch. The jokes are all pop culture references from what I have seen so it’s pretty likely I’m going to laugh at every single one.”

Tucker will post the download debut to his website later this month. The app will be available at no cost for the first 10,000 downloads and then it will be removed from the website. More information on the download debut day will be post to the Bored Never Blog site as it becomes available.

“I took the best jokes I could find and put them into this calendar,” says Tucker. “It took me a year to collect the best material from TV shows and movies, I also used musician jokes when I could. This app should have something in it for everyone.”

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About Scott Tucker

Scott Tucker is a leading app developer in Austin, TX where he works as an independent contractor for various companies. He has worked on apps including tip calculators, calorie trackers, and other calendar apps. His favorite type of programming is independent app development for mobile devices.

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