Concerns for U.S. economy as job growth stumbles

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( — December 9, 2015) Los Angeles, California — America is far from being on the road to economic prosperity.

In fact, there are new concerns about the stability of the economy with numerous factors raising fears.

According to a report by CNN, the economy is actually in a “Twilight Zone” — stuck in low-gear and moving forward at a very disappointing pace.

“We seem to be in this Twilight Zone between boom and bust,” says Ed Yardeni, president of Yardeni Research.

And no one is quite sure what to do.

Giving rise to even more concern is that in October, a report emerged that showed that U.S. employers started slamming on the breaks of hiring.

The Labor Department reported that payrolls outside of farming rose by 142,000 last month and August figures were revised sharply lower to show only 136,000 jobs added that month, marking the smallest two-month gain in employment in over a year.

Much of America’s problem appears to relate directly to the China-led global economic slowdown.

So what is the solution?

Danielle Robbins, a leadership coach, motivator, author and business developer, believes people should be creating their own opportunities and taking advantage of technology to so do.

“We no longer live in a time where we have job stability like our parents did and we seem to be working for less money and not getting ahead,” Robbins explains.

“I was a Kiwi living in Australia working long hours for one of Australia’s largest Media Companies as an Account Manager making the company rich but definitely not myself. Like most executives, with stressful targets, clients and bosses I knew that I could do better. I invested quite a bit of research into the elusive “work smarter-not harder” brass ring. I knew other executives found financial freedom outside of the big corporations, but didn’t care for any of the cheezy business opportunities that dotted the landscape.

I needed to design a business structure that would allow me to work around my children (when we have them) whilst still being able to travel the world and earn a solid income with the use of a laptop and mobile phone.”

“Creating a ‘laptop lifestyle’ is more than a dream for thousands of people. Creating one that fit my personality and resources requires more than research…I needed to see and actually meet someone who lived it,” she adds.

Immediately after launching her company, she immediately structured a system of growth that helps guide other entrepreneurs to designing a similar path towards financial freedom called, Avenue to Success.

In these times of uncertainty, it appears we all need to think outside of the traditional box.

Paul Ryan, a top Republican lawmaker in the House of Representatives, recently said: “This recovery continues to disappoint, but we can’t accept it as the new normal.”

Robbins couldn’t agree more. Her company’s strategy insures that the new normal for business includes more time and money.



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