Ticks Continue to Be a Pest Problem in New Jersey

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(Newswire.net — December 10, 2015) — It may be getting cold outside, but ticks are still around. They rest on leaves and grass, waiting for a person or animal to come along and cling to. Ticks commonly prefer cool and humid climates in arboreal and deciduous forests, however, some prefer arid climates as well. Some people think that ticks are affected greatly by the cold weather, but as most pest control professionals will tell you – this is a common misconception.

Once the temperature begins to exceed 39 degrees Fahrenheit, 99% of ticks start to look for hosts. The warm winter most of New Jersey and New York City is experiencing has elongated their active season. Even with the usual, frigid winter conditions, 80% of ticks make it through the season unphased.

Those living wooded areas or have homes near high grass and brush need to be prepared to fight against ticks all-year round. Here are some precautionary steps from home pest control service, UltraPro Pest Protection, that will help you better protect your home from ticks.

1. Remove brush and weeds from your yard.
2. Keep your grass mowed less than 3 inches.
3. Clear ground cover from around stonewalls and wood piles.
4. Stack wood neatly in a dry area to avoid rodents that bring in ticks.
5. Keep playground equipment and decks away from the edge of your yard and trees.
6. Discourage unwelcomed animals from entering your yard like deer or raccoons that may have ticks on them by constructing a fence.
7. Remove old furniture and trash from your yard so that ticks do not have any shelter.

You may not be able to protect your home from everything, but at least you can protect it and yourself from ticks. By following these few simple steps, you can better manage potential tick problems not only for the winter months, but for the entire year as well.

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