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( — December 11, 2015) Gainesville, VA — With recent changes to how major search engines rank websites and the waning effectiveness of methods like Facebook advertising, online marketing gurus Neil Napier and Justin Sardi joined forces to discover new ways to drive traffic to their sites. Over time, they honed their advertising practices on the relatively new platform of YouTube and are now sharing their discoveries with the public through VideoXtreme training, which has just now launched.


The VideoXtreme training demystifies how to use AdWords for Video in such a way even complete beginners to online marketing can understand and put into action without any fuss. Napier and Sardi outline their tried-and-true system, which is both scalable and evergreen, into a three-step process. In addition to teaching this simple process, the marketing duo provides undeniable proof of its efficacy – one that overshadows the speed and scope of using traditional SEO methods or Facebook advertising.


Entrepreneurs interested in putting the methods developed by this dynamic duo and outlined in the VideoXtreme training can gain access to other valuable marketing tools when they sign up through Semantic Mastery, a team of proven advertising professionals. Some of Semantic Mastery’s most popular marketing courses are being offered free of charge and include the Advanced Video Ranking webinar, YouTube Mastery, and YouTube Silo Academy. These courses deepen the understanding of how to use YouTube to your business advantage and greatly complement the VideoXtreme training. Semantic Mastery is also offering a 20% discount on subscriptions to the Video Powerhouse Embed Network Service.


Hernan Vasquez, one of the SEO marketing pros behind Semantic Mastery, has expressed his appreciation for the methods outlined in the VideoXtreme training: “YouTube ads have enabled us to reach our target audience where they’re most likely to engage. We’re able to get our message in front of people who are specifically seeking what we provide, and we do it for just pennies per click. Thanks goes to Justin Sardi for introducing us to Adwords for video.”


For more information on the VideoXtreme training on how to utilize AdWords for Video to drive traffic to your site or to explore the exclusive bonuses from Semantic Mastery, visit


About VideoXtreme


Justin Sardi and Neil Napier have a successful history in online marketing with results they don’t hesitate to share and began tapping into the potential of YouTube marketing when changes in search engine ranking leveled the playing field. This system of YouTube based advertising yielded incredible results, far exceeding those of Facebook ads or traditional SEO methods. Being aware of an overwhelming demand for new ways to drive traffic to websites, Sardi and Napier developed the VideoXtreme training, which is available through Semantic Mastery.

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