Viisliam Announces New Company Headquarters

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( — December 11, 2015) Richland Hills, Texas — Viisliam is proud to announce its new offices located at 7920 Glenview Drive, Richland Hills TX, 76180.

“Viisliam will be sharing space with its sister company A Sense Of Humor, Inc.,” says company spokesman Ryan Shreve.  “The staff will be splitting their time between tasks for Viisliam and tasks for our online defensive driving course  The experience that we as a company have had over the past eleven years with our online defensive driving program is going to be put to good use as we launch Viisliam.  Many of the online marketing tactics that we have used successfully to drive traffic to for the past decade, will be put to good use as we drive traffic to our private labeled products being sold on Amazon.”

Shreve said that Viisliam has been set up to find products in China that can be private labeled and to then place them into the Amazon marketplace for sale.  Once placed into Amazon, it is marketers who are capable of DCA (daily consistent action) that are most likely see their product listings make their way onto page one in that Amazon product category.

“We are fortunate that we had extra space available,” Shreve went on to say.  “Now we can work to integrate the two business operations so that they can be run together as seamlessly as possible.”

Viisliam started a few months ago researching the opportunity that the Amazon marketplace presents to private label sellers.  After months of due diligence, Viisliam recently launched product number one, its flagship Viisliam Deluxe 4-In-1 Multipurpose Flashlight.

“Every step of this process has been a learning experience for myself and the rest of the staff.  Now that we are all working collectively under the same roof at our new company headquarter, I anticipate a bright future ahead,” Shreve went on to conclude.

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