Better Than First Class: Airplane Offers Seats on Top of Aircraft

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( — December 15, 2015) — It’s summer and you decided to go to an amaizing far away location for a vacation, but the flight is 10 hours long. What are you supposed to do when you finish your book, watch the movie and listen through your iPod? Luckily, Windspeed might just have a solution for that.

The US company Windspeed has designed an aircraft for passengers who love to see the sky. Their new, inovative aproach to a classic window seat will blow everyone away.

SkyDeck is an addition that is located on top of the aircraft. Passengers will be sitting in a canopy made of materials used for supersonic fighter jets, so they will be safe. It’s teardrop shape and anti-condensation film protects passengers from both fog and UV beams.

Passengers would be able to access the seats via a staircase or elevator, and twin or single seats can rotate through 360-degrees, CNN reports.

“Current inflight entertainment offerings have not changed much over the decades. We wanted to come up with a product that would provide a higher level of entertainment to reduce the boredom of long flights”, president and CEO of Windspeed Technologies, Shakil Hussain, told Business Jet Interiors International.

He describes the SkyDeck as “the next exciting experiential in-flight entertainment for VIP aircraft owners and the airline industry”, and added: “We can create the next exciting experiential inflight entertainment for VIP aircraft or just for commercial aircrafts”.

This concept will give passengers a better view of the skies than the pilot’s have. But, how much would it cost?

The price depends on several factors: aircraft type, the SkyDeck version and the quantity of orders. Current estimates are between US$8-25 million dollars.

While this idea is still pending and in the process of consediration, we suggest you just look out the window behind you and hope.