Bed Bug Infestations Reported in Worcester MA

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( — December 15, 2015) Worcester, MA — Bed bugs may seem like they can’t happen to you, but residents of Worcester recently drew a very different conclusion, and the infestation may be spreading fast, leading many to call the area’s best bed bug solution- Ransford Environmental Solutions.

More Than An Isolated Incident

A single report of bed bugs in an area often means more cases are coming because these creatures like nothing more than to find a new place to live. City officials have had several reports of bed bugs over the past six months, including one on Wellington Street in a multi-family apartment building and a fairly recent one in the Courtyard by Marriott property on Grove Street.

“Bed bugs are almost everywhere across the United States these days,” said Eric Richmond of Ransford Environmental Solutions.  “They can travel across the country just by hitching a ride in a child’s backpack or your suitcase. The point here isn’t to be frightened, but to be aware and ready to tackle the problem if necessary.”

Ransford Environmental Solutions offers customers a number of bed bug treatment options to help eliminate the problem. The process starts with a good inspection. Should technicians notice a bed bug issue, they offer a number of solutions, customized to fit the needs of a given situation. The most important part, though, is that they reinspect at 30 and 90 days to make certain the infestation is fully eliminated.

Earlier is Better

The single most important thing to remember with bed bugs is that you have to catch them early to tackle the problem. Ignoring any of the signs is a serious mistake.

“If you think you have bed bugs, contact us. If you start to suddenly notice red, itchy bites on your arms or shoulders in straight rows, or you see brown stains on the seams of your mattress, it’s time to call us. If you spot a bed bug, pick up the phone immediately,” said Richmond.

Bed bugs will literally lurk in your mattress, couch, or favorite chair waiting for you to show up so they can feast. They’re already in Worcester. If you suspect you have an infestation, waiting to call a bed bug exterminator is a bad idea as it will only get worse. 

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