ATS and Accent Control Systems to Market Water Purification in 6 U.S. States

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( — December 15, 2015) South Midvale, Utah — Alpine Technical Services LLC ( has entered into a strategic agreement with Accent Control Systems, of Norristown, Penns., that will dramatically accelerate its water purification efforts along the East Coast.

ATS has executed a dealer agreement this week with Accent Control Systems and is pleased to announce a strategic alliance that will quickly elevate marketing and sales activities for the innovative Horizon® PTF-100 Chlorine Feeder to the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Washington D.C. and southeastern New York. Horizon® is a safe, cost-effective and simple method for disinfecting public drinking water supplies. Horizon® is certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 60/61. It can also be effectively used for wastewater and industrial process water disinfection.

Accent and ATS are confident this agreement will provide a vibrant new dimension–the Horizon PTF-100 Feeder and Horizon 90-PT Tablets–to Accent’s outstanding portfolio of water treatment specialty products. Accent’s skilled technical and sales professionals will introduce the Horizon Feeder to their extensive customer base and to many other water treatment and distribution providers, particularly in rural areas where there is significant demand for Horizon’s affordability and tiny footprint. The partnership will also leverage Horizon’s numerous safety benefits compared to other methods of disinfection, including the elimination of stored gas chlorine and sodium hypochlorite in population centers and neighborhoods.

About Accent Control Systems (ACS)

Accent Control Systems (ACS), originally part of Waco Associates Inc., spun off in 2000 and is located in the Valley Forge area of Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. ACS is a master distributor of pumps and instrumentation equipment, with a focus on chemical feed, flow, level and water quality instrumentation and related accessories. Focusing on a geographic area between New York and Virginia, ACS is a key distributor for equipment manufactured by LMI, Seametrics, GF Signet, Myron L, Sethco, Blue-White, Emec, Flowline, Sensorex and Standard Pump, as well as the new Horizon® Tablet Chlorine Feed System. See for more information.

About Alpine Technical Services (ATS)

Alpine Technical Services (ATS) is an innovative leader in water treatment technology and services. Founded in 1979, the company uses industry-best practices coupled with unique creativity to provide an array of clients with lower operating costs and exemplary service as they purchase a wide variety of chemicals and equipment in quantities small and large, and tapping the expertise of ATS and its staff of experienced professionals.  

Alpine Technical Services has expertise in ultrapure water systems, industrial water processes, wastewater treatment, municipal water, new construction, water optimization and recovery systems, with chemicals and equipment to support each of these uses. ATS is the premier provider of the world’s best industrial safety shower and eyewash products and is also the exclusive provider in the western US of EarthTec®, a cutting-edge algaecide / molluscicide with unique advantages for those who oversee impounded water bodies and suffer from infestation of algae or quagga mussels.

ATS is currently pursuing a growth strategy that includes acquisitions and expansion of its distribution network. Those wishing to join a growing company that is making a positive impact on the lives of millions of people can contact ATS via


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