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( — December 16, 2015) Las Vegas, Nevada — Having only been selling on the marketplace for just under 3 years, young brand Freddie and Sebbie has a lot to commemorate, after yet another item becomes the highest ranked product in its classification on the Amazon Marketplace.

Speaking at a recent interview, company representative Neil Speight specified: “When you gotta go, you gotta go. Nobody understands this more than a mom or dad to a young child, which is why we created this ultra-portable baby diaper changing pad. It’s one of the most essential items a new parent can have, so we invested a lot of time ensuring our item was not only effortlessly practical, but was also transportable, sanitary, and more notably, baby-proof.”

According to the Amazon item description, the device has actually been made from the greatest quality materials on the marketplace, having been developed to guarantee any wriggling infant will stay securely in-place, with the extra-wide design providing a breath of fresh air to any changing room. Neil commented that Freddie and Sebbie’s special winged design had actually made this one of the safest products of its kind on the marketplace today.

Ranked as the most helpful review on Freddie and Sebbie’s Amazon store, US mom, Lady Anne said: “YUCK! The changing tables found in public bathrooms really do disgust me. But thanks to the portable changing pad by Freddie and Sebbie, I now have a nice and clean surface to change my baby on while out and about. Plus, it has huge pockets where diapers, wipes, and creams can easily be stored.”

Measuring at 21.5″ by 38″ when laid flat, Freddie and Sebbie’s portable baby diaper change mat can be folded into a compact carrier for on-the-go parents, while even featuring easy-to-use clips, specifically developed for use on stroller handles. “With a close-to-perfect score, this item is now rated the highest of its kind on the entire Amazon Marketplace store. If that isn’t enough to convince anybody of its quality and effectiveness, I don’t know what is,” Speight concluded.

More details of Freddie and Sebbie’s Diaper Change Pad, as well as a thorough list of Amazon-verified evaluations, along with images and item specifications, can be found on their Amazon storefront, or on their website at


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