TBOU: Bed Bugs Are Driving People Crazy

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(Newswire.net — December 23, 2015) Houston, TEXAS — Texas Bugs-Or-Us, a family owned and operated residential and commercial pest control company, has announced it is standing by to quickly eliminate any bed bug problem. In light of recent reports of people responding in some cases violently to infestations, the company is reiterating its stance on bed bugs and its heat treatment service and direct-fired heating system. Heat treatment avoids having to use toxic, environmentally harmful pesticides or having chemical residue inside the home.

Bed bugs have plagued every corner of the U.S. In Minneapolis, according to TwinCities.com, a man is reported to have killed his mother when he found bed bugs in their apartment in December. He now faces murder charges for slaying the 89 year old. According to police, the man intended to help clean, but went into a rage when he saw the bed bugs and could not get rid of them. He also feared the landlord would not renew his lease.

A survey by Pest Control Technology found that travelers are having extreme reactions to the sight of bed bugs. About 60% of respondents said they’d switch hotels, or demand a refund, while seeming more restrained regarding other types of room deficiencies. The survey found business travelers were more familiar with the idea of bed bugs and were more tolerant. Leisure travelers were much more likely to react more assertively.

Calvin Thigpen of Texas Bugs-Or-Us said, “The bed bug problems across this country have not gotten any better. We need effective means to fight them, which our company has, and to educate the public. I urge people not to overreact but be proactive. Our bed bug treatment services are effective and our exterminators have a great deal of experience and training in this field.”

To help cool the hot topic of bed bugs, Texas Bugs-Or-Us can help in various ways:

  • Comprehensive information on its website on how to identify a bed bug.
  • Expert details on the risks of bed bugs and how they spread.
  • Direct-fired propane heat treating systems for raising temperatures high enough to kill bed bugs throughout the room.
  • A state-of-the-art utility truck with heating systems and the ability to reach any home or business in the Houston area quickly.
  • A free no-obligation quote for anyone needing assistance with removing bed bugs.

To learn more about Texas Bugs-Or-Us and its bed bug heat treatment services, and informative resources for calming the nerves of people fired up about infestations, go to http://www.texasbugsorus.com/.

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Texas Bugs-Or-Us is a leading pest control company in Houston and specializes in heat treatment bed bug removal for the city and surrounding communities. In business since 2001, the family owned company can handle bed bug, termite, roach, ant, mosquito, bat, and scorpion infestations. It employs licensed, trained technicians who are respectful and courteous. They can handle any sized infestation in a short amount of time. The company is also known for its propane heaters and industrial-grade heat treating trailer to combat bed bug infestations.

About Texas Bugs-Or-Us

Texas Bugs-Or-Us is a full service residential, commercial and industrial pest control company now serving Houston, Texas. Texas Bugs-Or-Us has been family owned and operated since 2001. We are known for our outstanding customer service: each associate is dedicated to the customer and exhibits integrity and respect.

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