Goldendale Church Offers Marriage Seminar

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( — January 4, 2016) — Community Grace Brethren Church in Goldendale, Washington will be conducting a 6 week marriage seminar, Marriage 101, timed to end February 14, 2016, Valentine’s Day.

This is class is for anyone in a marriage, thinking about marriage, or wants to be married. The study will concentrate on strengthening relationships based on Biblical principles. It will identify the five “attackers of marriage and be especially encouraging to those helping others with marital difficulties.

The study will be based on material from the “Principles To Live By” book titled Marital Intelligence by Gil Stieglitz.

Stieglitz asserts that there are only five problems in marriage identified as;

1. Ignoring needs

2. Immature behaviors

3. Clashing temperaments

4. Competing relationships

5. Past baggage.

These five problems are well identified and solutions are well documented. The more you can understand the problems, and apply the solutions, the higher your marital intelligence quotient (IQ).

Study leaders are Jan and Carolyn Johansen. With 38 years of marriage under their belts, as well as working together in business for over 30 years, they have learned a thing or two (ok maybe dozens) about communication challenges and how to overcome them from a Biblical perspective.

The study starts on January 10, 2016 at 9:30 AM Seattle/Portland time, not Goldendale time and will 1 hour long, giving you plenty of time to make your church service if you attend another church.

The study location will be at the Community Grace Brethren Church in the Omega Room of the Goldendale Christian School.

Study books will be provided at $15.00 per individual/couple. Books are also available in Kindle format from the Amazon bookstore at $9.99.

If your marriage is in trouble, this is the right resource for you.

If you need a quick marital pick me up, the practical insights that will be shared are just what the doctor ordered.

If you desire to help those with damage, broken or troubled marriages than this is just what you need.

If you looking for information about marriage BEFORE you get married, then get to this class. No ifs, ands or buts!

Hope to see you there!