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( — January 6, 2016) –, Inc. a Viratech Corp. Company (OTC: VIRA) announced today that Chris Ryan has been appointed as the new CEO of, Inc., a for profit social network resource site for cancer patients, survivors, advocates, and caretakers.

Chris Ryan has a unique skill set and razor focused vision.  His goal for the last 10 years, has been to change the way people view and manage cancer”, stated Fred Schiemann CEO of Viratech.

He has an extensive background in business development, investment banking, regulatory compliance and biotech incubation. Including but not limited to; IND’s, Phase 1, Phase 2, Orphan Drug Act, Phase 3 and PMA compliance.

An advocate for open source biotech research, Mr. Ryan is an 8 time bestselling author on the subjects of cancer, cellular metabolism and bioinformatics.  His work in cancer research has won the endorsements and praise of thought leaders throughout the world including; Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup of the Soul) Dr. Barkat Charania (SINA Foundation) and Tommy Thompson, (former United States Secretary of Health and Human Services).

On October 27, 2007 Dr. Nikolaou, on behalf of Fox Chase Medical Center published a double blind placebo controlled study titled “Quality of Life (QOL) Supersedes the Classic Predictors of Survival in Locally Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC).  This study concluded that by raising a Cancer Patients Quality of Life via the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC QLQ-C30 index), you could directly lower the incidence of morbidity in a cancer patient, regardless of treatment.

In 2008, Chris Ryan with Oncologist Dr. Mahesh Kanojia, Dr. Barkat Charania, and Dr. Kevin Buckman adapted the above referenced study into a modular 15 part best practice navigation element, and guide on teaching and assisting cancer patients in raising their Quality of Life.

 In 2011 this adaption was published under the title Method of Lowering a Cancer Patients’ Morbidity Rate by Increasing Quality of Life of Patient, by Leveraging Cause Based Electronic Support Networks, and later renamed “The Robert Ryan Cancer Protocol”, in honor of the cancer patient who inspired the study.

The, Inc. vision is based on the Robert Ryan Cancer Protocol with a modular 15 part best practice guide on teaching and assisting cancer patients and their loved ones on the importance of Quality of Life and how to raise it when managing a diagnosis of cancer.

“ is about empowering the cancer patients, caretakers and survivors of the network.  It is an honor to serve this project, for it draws the best people, who together through collaboration brings the best out of each other.  The purpose of is to convert a cancer patient from hopeless to hopeful, while teaching their support network how to be helpful, while not being a hindrance ” stated Chris Ryan CEO, Inc.

This year, nearly 1.6 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer. Of that, 581,000 people are expected to die.  Cancer accounts for 1 in every 4 deaths, second only to heart disease as the most common cause of death. The monetary cost seems irrelevant to the loss of life. Overall costs of cancer are projected to exceed $201 billion in 2013: $77 billion for direct medical costs (all health expenditures) as well as over $124 billion for the indirect mortality costs.

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