Best Types of TV Stands

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( — January 7, 2016) — A sleek and stylish TV stands can give an impeccable, almost designer look to any living room — or any other room with a TV, for that matter. So, before you start shopping for a new TV unit, it might be a great idea to consider some of the most popular types of TV stand, which go as follows:

Types of TV stand by storage capacity

Compact hi-fi stands & stands with shelves — this is an amazing example of types of TV stand that come with little storage and do not require a lot of functional room space. If two or three compact shelves are enough to accommodate your media units, there is a chance that you do not need any additional storage. Stands with cabinets — a TV stand with a cabinet, on the other hand, can offer greater storage capacity. If you are looking for a combination of compact size and impressive storage capabilities, you should pay special attention to corner TV stands.

Wall mounts & TV brackets — perhaps, one of the most time relevant approaches to choosing a TV stand is to go with no storage at all. Both wall TV brackets and height adjustable mounts are perfect examples of types of TV stands that do not take up any of your precious room space.

Types of TV stand by production material

Wood & MDF in wood effect — when it comes to production materials, wood is one of the best examples virtually for any decoration setting. MDF in wood effect is a more affordable option that features almost the same look — yet, unfortunately, slightly lesser durability.

High gloss — modern setting will especially benefit from TV stands in high gloss. They look amazing with other glossy furniture, soft leather furniture, chrome and glass. Glossy models balance memorable finish and little decoration elements, which is generally an astonishing, fit for minimalistic interiors. 

Glass — another incredibly memorable idea for modern interior is to go with a glass stand. There are both clear and tinted glass stands available. While a clear glass model can fit into any decoration setting, a tinted stand is an amazing idea for modern rooms based on contrasts.

Plastic — a budget idea would be to go with a plastic stand. Sure, these are not the most impressive models in the market, but they usually require little space and very little budget. Glossy ABS stands, on the other hand, are going to be a bit more expansive and they have what it takes to become perfect additions for colorful modern environments.

Combinations — and you should never underestimate impressive material combinations. Glass is a perfect example of material that looks great with any other furniture production material.

And, of course, do not forget that while types of TV stand are surely crucial to choose the best model for your environment, figuring out the right size for your room is another important thing to think over. Note that not only the actual dimensions, but also TV stand height and position in the room are very important to find a perfect fit for your room space.