Vehicle Accessory Acclaimed as Sanity for Moms

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( — January 12, 2016) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — “We all enjoy vacations,” Freddie and Sebbie spokesperson Neil Speight opened his latest interview with, “however what each and every single parent dislikes is the long car journey it takes to get there… Specifically with 3 kids crammed in the back, and 3 hours still left on the clock. We have actually produced a range of accessories to make this hair-pulling trip as calm and, dare we say it, satisfying as possible, and judging from our customer reviews, we seem to have cracked a code with our most current Backseat Vehicle Organizer.”

The Automobile Organizer is designed with 7 pockets of varying sizes and 2 beverages holder compartments, and attaches to the back of the passenger or motorist car seat with a unique, multi-use wraparound Velcro system. Neil added: “The design itself helps make the product be the perfect height for kids (and grownups) of any age, sitting in the back seat.” He also recommended the product be used alongside Freddie and Sebbie’s vehicle garbage can, which he says helps to keep any car clean and clutter-free.

The Backseat Vehicle Organizer is in fact praised by one Amazon-verified customer as “a little gem” and a “must-have for car journeys”, whilst a second reviewer states: “We acquired two of these for a *really* long road trip – I would have lost my mind without them.” The very same reviewer adds: “These automobile organizers are long lasting, with an excellent range of pocket sizes (including an iPad area). They are easy to attach, change and remove, and they don’t move around at all. Among the greatest pluses (and the thing that kept me sane throughout the entire trip) was that my boy could get his own stuff out when he wished to switch. I didn’t have to keep reaching round to do it for him, merely because of the layout of the organizer.”

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