Insulated Tote Bag on Amazon Strikes 100 Reviews

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( — January 12, 2016) Las Vegas, Nevada — An insulated soft tote bag by Freddie and Sebbie has recently passed the 100 review barrier on With 7 out of 10 reviewers offering the product a 5-star record, and 15 out of 100 customers providing it 4 stars, the makers of the tote bag are guaranteeing to double their efforts at further improving on the design, adaptability, and capability of the recently launched insulated soft tote bag.

According to the Amazon Marketplace’s Leading 50 Reviewer S.C from central New Jersey, Freddie and Sebbie’s soft insulated tote bag is one nice large-sized cooler bag. The customer adds: “The cooler bag of Freddie and Sebbie is well built with extremely careful stitching in place to provide it an overall attractive and really appealing design aesthetics. Furthermore, the cooler tote bag has carry handles that are fantastically enhanced.” 

The item description describes how Freddie and Sebbie have actually purposely designed the cooler tote bag to be simple to utilize, while paying certain attention to the delicate needlework patterns of its stitching. Amazon reviewer T.T commented that Freddie and Sebbie’s needlework design is not only excellent however is, more significantly, appealing. He adds: “The minimalist design has been referred to as necessary to permit its versatility in the real world. Users who will not use the item’s insulation will still find it as a regular carrying bag, strong to take on any weight.” Furthermore, according to T.T, the insulating material inside the soft bag makes it ideal for saving drenched bath or beach towels or perhaps clothing that has been soaked from a day of romping on the beach.

In a recent online press hookup, Business co-director Neil Speight said: “With quality ensured in every step of the production procedure, Freddie and Sebbie’s soft insulated tote bag is made from phthalate-free, non-toxic, Eco-friendly, and PVC free materials. In addition, each bag has actually been handcrafted to provide a finish that is genuinely classy without necessarily detracting from its total capability.”

Neil additionally said that as he and his brother are parents themselves, they had actually decided to go into the design, production, and selling of innovative products that parents, like them, would certainly discover extremely useful. He concluded by saying: “It is our experiences as parents that have provided the incentive and inspiration for the design and manufacturing of all Freddie and Sebbie items. With this in mind, it is no wonder why a lot of American moms and dads see the soft insulated tote bag as a reflection of a company, that comprehends what contemporary American parents actually have to make parenting simpler.”



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